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Nathan Synergy Trinkrucksack 5020NG

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2-way Propulsion Harness 100 oz (almost three liters) Synergy Bladder with Potency Dial and... mehr

"Nathan Synergy Trinkrucksack 5020NG"

  • 2-way Propulsion Harness
  • 100 oz (almost three liters) Synergy Bladder with Potency Dial and bite valve with on/off settings
  • Water chamber has filter-compatible screw-top closure that is easy to fill
  • Electrolyte chamber has roll-top closure that allows full access for easy cleaning and mixing drinks
  • Potency Dial allows you to control intensity of your drink: all water, all electrolyte, or a combination of the two
  • Potency Dial easily and securely clips to either right or left shoulder strap at reinforced attachment points
  • Zippered main compartment with 750 cubic inch gear capacity
  • Dual front pockets – one mesh holster, one zippered
  • Power Stretch Mesh back pocket for jacket or gloves
  • Vertically adjustable sternum strap with tube clip
  • Honeycomb Mesh shoulder straps add comfort, prevent chafing, and dissipate heat
  • Two mesh side pockets
  • Lightweight, breathable Wall Mesh with soft perimeter binding that feels great against skin and won’t damage

"Nathan Synergy Trinkrucksack 5020NG"

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